'Smart Sally

Every Sally is different. 

She thinks for herself.

She thinks through her decisions in four ways:

Action, Vision, People, and Data.

We help you speak to her primary 

decision-making quadrant first.

Mover Sally is action-oriented

She is comfortable making decisions based on her instinct because she wants to quickly attain her goal.

She values clarity in mission and message so she can complete her objective in the most efficient way possible. 

Doing so helps open her energy to her next project.

When speaking to Mover Sally, you want to drive her.

Motivator Sally is vision-oriented

She synthesizes information in order to see the big picture possibilities. 

She wants to have a good time, be energized, and is comfortable getting others excited about her vision.

She is likely to be an early adopter with a high openness to new projects.

When speaking to Motivator Sally, you want to excite her.

Collaborator Sally is people-oriented

She has innate desire for peacefulness and predictability.

She is a team player and naturally wants to be helpful. 

Her desire to be helpful and part of a group means she is a great source of testimonials. 

When speaking to Collaborator Sally, you want to support her.

Thinker Sally is data-oriented

She is naturally inquisitive and will try to analyze a situation in its entirety. 

Her natural attention to detail ensures she is

energized by high-quality work and results. 

To some she may appear as skeptical, but really she just wants to understand. 

When speaking to Thinker Sally, you want to teach her.

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