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I'm usually an early adopter of technology, maybe I even create it yourself. 

I'm creative. Maybe I'm an artist or designer.

I want to travel.

I've thought about the stars, and maybe how I could get there. 

I'm practical. I tend to wait until things are proven. 

I prefer helping my friends with their ideas, instead of inventing my own. 

Instead of trying tons of new things, I prefer the things I already like. 

In the end, I need a plan, a routine, and some predictability. 

I'm typically pretty organized and dependable. I usually did well in school and studied hard for tests. 

Sometimes people say I'm too focused, maybe even stubborn.

I aim for achievement - and sometimes perfection.

When my schedule is flexible I like to be spontaneous. 

Sometimes I find some of my best decisions and ideas happen right after something changes.

I can get disorganized and my bed might not be made, but that's part of my process.


'm usually pretty outgoing and sociable. My teachers may have called me talkative. 

Sometimes I may seem too aggressive, but I really just want to complete my goal.

I like to be around other people, otherwise I might get bored.

I really don't mind staying in, and I don't have to be the life of the party. 

I'm a thinker. Maybe a dreamer too. I listen to what's going on inside my head because it excites me.

I can be reserved sometimes, but I just want to make sure I say the right thing. 

I'm normally pretty empathetic to the people around me, and understanding of their needs. I may donate to charity.

My friends might say I'm usually a considerate person.

In a group setting, I'm usually comfortable going along with someone else's plan.

Instead of a big group of friends, I'd rather have just a few close ones.

In general, I think my ideas are usually the best.

I like to get my point across, even if it might create conflict.

Sometimes I get anxious easily and the little things can stress me out. 

It's easy for me to become self-conscious in social situations. 

I can get pretty impatient, because sometimes it's 

hard to delay gratification.

I generally remain calm under pressure. 

I'm usually pretty optimistic. 

When something bad happens, I think clearly about how to respond.


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